About Made With Luv

Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a mum of two beautiful girls, before I had my girls I worked full time as a nursery nurse. I found working around childcare a nightmare, so here I am today running my own business initially supported by The Princes Trust and being a mum. I loved working with children and also making my own jewellery so if we put them both together we have Made With Luv.

I first came across precious metal clay about 2 years ago when I had my girls prints taken, I just couldn't get over how clever it was, so when I got home I started researching courses in my area to learn how to use it myself, after going on my course I am able to offer these beautiful keepsakes to other people

When I wear my girls prints on my charm bracelet I always get complemented on how lovely it is. Not only are they unique to the person wearing them, but your children and loved ones always feel close.