Made With Luv Memorial Jewellery

Being told your child has an illness that is life threatening is one of the worst imaginable situations.
This is a very real scenario for many families and if you are reading this you are possibly facing that situation.
Every day, hour and minute becomes extremely precious and the creation of memories and keepsakes is paramount.
Made With Luv Jewellery is a selection of keepsakes for which you can treasure and keep close.

If you would like any more information or help on our memorial range please don't hesitate to contact me I am here to help and very happy to talk through anything with you.


    Jaime Mighty

    Mother of Lewis Mighty

    I discovered Made With Luv and the lovely Sarah in May 2012. I lost my little boy to neuroblastoma cancer. Sarah provided an excellent and professional service with heartfelt compassion. I worried that it was to late for me to get some prints ... but Sarah arranged everything.

    I now wear my heart pendant with Lewis' print on everyday, I feel a piece of him is near me always .... a piece no one can take away.
    I highly recommend this service to any parent faced with my predicament... Thank you Sarah
    Love Jaime and Perry Mighty

    For more information on The Lewis Might Fund please visit The-Lewis-Mighty-Fund Facebook Page